IoT Security Lab (2012-2017)

The semiconductor manufacturer Intel and the Technische Universit├Ąt (TU) Darmstadt have initiated the Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Secure Computing (ICRI-SC) with a focus on mobile and IoT security in 2012. This institute was the first Intel collaborative research center for IT security outside the USA and is initially located at the Center for Advanced Security Research in Darmstadt (CASED) and the European Center for Security and Privacy by Design (EC SPRIDE).

In 2013, the University of Helsinki joined the Institute. Prof. Asokan and team will focus on usable mobile security. In 2014, Aalto University joined the Institute.

In 2017, the initiative was expanded and transitioned into the ICRI for Collaborative Autonomous and Resilient Systems (ICRI-CARS).

Partner universities