Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Collaborative Autonomous & Resilient Systems (ICRI-CARS)

About Collaborative Autonomous and Resilient Systems (CARS)

The mission of the ICRI-CARS is the study of security, privacy, and safety of auto­no­mous systems that may collaborate with each other. Examples include drones, self-driving vehicles, or collaborative systems in industrial automation. CARS introduce a new paradigm to computing that is different from conventional systems in a very important way: they must learn, adapt, and evolve with minimal or no supervision. A fundamental question therefore, is what rules and principles should guide the evolution of CARS?

This raises security related questions in multiple research areas:

  1. Trustworthy and Controllable Autonomy
  2. Fair and Safe Collaboration Tolerating Failures and Attacks
  3. Intelligent Security Strategies for Self-Defense and Self-Repair
  4. Integration of Safety, Security, and Real-time Guarantees
  5. Autonomous Systems, Ecosystem Scenarios, Requirements, Case Studies, and Validation
  6. Advanced Platform Security for Long-term Autonomy

Intel Collaborative Research Institutes (ICRI)

Collaborative Research Institutes are large and longer-term collaborations that aim at jointly exploring a new space. The goal is to jointly produce leading scientific results, ecosystem visibility, mindshare, and business impact for Intel and its ecosystem partners.

The goal of Intel Collaborative Research Institutes is to foster collaboration between partner research organizations to advance the state of the art. Together with Intel Labs researchers on site, the participants design, prototype, and publish new and innovative research, and validate these ideas in real-world scenarios. The focus is on practical innovations that enhance the state of the art and have the potential to enhance the security and resilience of real-world autonomous systems. To give partners freedom to explore, we appreciate success in many forms. Each Intel Institute has an Intel team on site to support and guide research to ensure success of each Institute.